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Our factor was established by Alexanian family in 1952.

• Etalex Metal is an affiliate of Etalex Group.
• Etalex has various branch outside Egypt:
- 2 branch in UAE: in Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.
- Representative office in Netherlands.

• Etalex has various branch in Egypt:
- Downtown branch in Oraby St.
Downtown branch in Adly St.
- Abbasyia branch in Selim St.

• Etalex Stickers Factory in Abbasyia is one of the largest factories in the Middle East that competes Italian and Chinese markets.
• Etalex Metal for Metal manufacturing is characterized by the following:

1. Metal manufacturing and modeling (metal modeling & memorial gifts).
2. Moulds, patterns & metal engraving.

• Etalex is distinguished by its well-trained staff and foreign experiences. As well, Etalex's products enjoy high and distinctive techniques. 
• Moreover, Etalex factories are characterized with skilled Egyptian manpower.
• Etalex factories: manpower is over 200 well-trained personnel. 
• We apply the latest "state of art" technology in designing and manufacturing by using machines and equipment of high quality and efficiency. As well, we use computer software in most stages of operating ( i.e. CNC) – trying to meet the top level of world production.
• Since our factory was founded in 1952, our products are distinguished by super quality and superior taste in addition to accuracy and perfection throughout that is why they suit various sectors.

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